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South Side Story

…Driving back one stormy afternoon in Mississippi from the Delta to Jackson, and excited by the dark sky, the rain, the lightening, the lights of cars and trucks, the spray that rose window-high from heavy wheels, I began to be aware of the great pleasure I had taken in traveling in the South. Romance, a glow of hopefulness and freedom, had already begun to touch the earlier stages of the journey...

....But in this flat land of small fields and small ruins there were also certain emotions that were too deep for word...

V.S. Naipaul "A turn in the South"

These photos were shot during several trips to the US between 1990-1992, through States neighbouring Mississippi river: Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama.

The photos of this collection suggest my vision of the South's peaceful suburbs  or small towns as described in the works of Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner and V.S. Naipaul.

Street scenes, passing tourists, places of worship, weddings, parks and the natural elegance of the African Americans are characteristic elements represented in my photos.

Savvas Lazaridis. South Side Story 1990-1992

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